Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Why Do I Continue to Watch TV Shows That Break My Heart: My Memoirs

There have been two shows in the last years that started wonderfully, but have broken my heart. No, The Walking Dead isn't one of them because I will probably watch that show until the wheels fall off, if only for Richonne. The moment either of them die, I'm gone.

Bones, I haven't watched in five years. I ranted about the last episode I watched here. I loved that show for the first three seasons and even some of the fourth season. The pilot starts out with the main female character demonstrating how much of a bad ass she is; smart as hell, tough but still vulnerable (ie, women can be well rounded) and not afraid to take a bat to someone who needs it.

But by the beginning of Season 6, they have the same female lead saying things like, "I had to rescue myself because you weren't there to save me."

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I was gobsmacked. They completely watered down her character and pretty much the only coming out of her mouth after that were cliches and awkward stereotypes, not to mention evidence of shoddy character development.


Again, an amazing female lead. The show may be called Castle, but everyone who watches knows that Kate Beckett is actually the star. Again, smart, tough, human! Even better, when she ends up with the male lead, she still retains her sense of self, including one episode at the end of Season 6, where a major story line is resolved. She is wonderful to watch in that episode.

And her partner is wonderful for the first few season; a dedicated father to his daughter (so many touching and REAL moments there), a friend and a son.

Season 7 was iffy but I was willing to go with it.

And then Season 8 happened. I knew they were getting new writers, but I didn't think it would go down in flames like it did. Poorly rehashed storylines that had been resolved wonderfully already, stupid character decisions that made no damn sense, etc.

And now Stana Katic (Kate Beckett) wasn't brought back for Season 9, nor was her best friend, Lainey (also kick ass woman in the show).


And that goes for both tv/movie and books. Don't make me, as a fan, invest in something and then royally fuck it up.

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