Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bones: Season 7

I know I shouldn't have actually started watching the newest season of Bones, considering I ended the last season screaming at my computer, that my beloved show was completely destroyed.

But, alas, I did.

There is so much fuckery in the new season, I hardly know where to begin.

There's this: Let's make fun of a pregnant woman crying. Let's take Brennan, a strong independent woman, and for yuckles, let's have her cry at a crime scene because humiliating a woman is always quality entertainment, especially when your partner takes photographic evidence of such humiliation.

Then there's Sweets. I really liked when they brought Lance Sweets onto the show. Now, he's showing his true colors as a sexist prick. He tells Booth that Brennan should be behind a desk and not out in the field while she's this pregnant. (Yes, pregnancy is a special condition and some jobs that require physical labor shouldn't be attempted while pregnant, but for reals?) Or how about during an interrogation, Sweets tells the suspect that he shouldn't broach the subject of Brennan because "The little girl she's carrying is [Booth's] daughter."

Let that one marinate awhile. She doesn't actually have her own child, it belongs to the father.

Angela and Hodgins had a son in last season's finale. She tells Brennan that she and Booth should get their own place because kids need their two parents. Hello, hi, way to disparage the many working single parents or blended families making a go of it. Then she gets flustered over a toy and leaves any work that actually needed to be done to the wayside.

Bones started out as a great feminist show. There was a female lead and then during Season 2, two great female supporting leads. I came to this show after being laid off for the first time and seeing strong women making their lives meaningful helped get me out of my rut. Now, it's become a mockery of once great writing. And this is not to say that babies and relationships aren't important. They are. But they can be done well, with gifted writers, who actually give a damn and don't fall back on tired cliches.

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