Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Waldorf Auto Cross!

Loved seeing the cars race, including one very interesting car....

More information on Spirit of Lemons here and more photos here.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Snippets: Three Day Weekend

I have a three day weekend courtesy of "Columbus Day." I hate that we can't just call it Racist Fuck Who Murdered People Day. Same damn thing.

Beautiful fall pictures & more

Welp, now I want to go to Norway

OMG adorable

Um, welp. There it is.


I first read about this three years ago, when the parents filed a class action suit. I couldn’t think about anything else for days. I couldn’t sleep. These scientists deliberately poisoned children. They lured families in with unusually low rents. They monitored the kids’ blood lead levels. And they didn’t do anything to help when those levels climbed and climbed.

Kinda awesome

Fuzzy things playing....yes

I love tiny fuzzy critters.

Aww, poor thing

ahahahaha, cute

This truth

Fucking people Really? That's the best use of your time?


Voter Registration Pics in #Ferguson

Very cool

Another murder in St. Louis

Remember Trayvon

The True Trayvon Martin: When he volunteered at a soup kitchen for. The first time, he was astounded by the US hunger crisis. #Trayvon

#VonDerrit Myers

Huge march in Ferguson this weekend & More

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fall Clothing

I almost feel guilty, being excited about fall. Normally, at least in Maryland, we residents fall to our knees in gratitude for fall's arrival because the summer scorched every part of our bodies. However, this summer was much milder so fall seems almost intrusive, like we didn't really get a summer.

But I digress.

Some new items:

I wanted a good basic white shirt and so I tried one of Gap's work out shirts and so far, it's fit the bill. It wicks away sweat and is stretchy enough that I can tuck it into pants or later, once colder, pair with a sweater or a button up shirt underneath.

 I wanted to a pair of grey leggings, for dresses and skirts that would work well with my boots. Sadly, these did not do that. While they fit, the crotch sagged and even moving around my house, they slid down my hips considerably. They will be returned to Old Navy and so I'm on the hunt for a pair that works better.

In love with this new skirt. It flows wonderfully and I'm excited to pair it with my boots.

I did snag a new long sleeve black shirt from the thrift store and I'm still looking for a good pair of skinny jeans. I had a pair of nearly skinny, straight leg jeans, but they had decorative buttons that kept popping off and they were wearing a bit odd. I also need another pair of good basic jeans, as one of my beloved (two) pairs has started wearing in places that can't really be patched.

(Photo Credits: shirt & skirt-Gap.com, leggings-OldNavy.com)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Alley Cat Tuesdays: Littlefoot

When we moved to our house, we realized there were a lot of strays in the neighborhood. Bleeding heart that I am, I made a little kitty house out on our deck and lined up bowls for food. There was one little kitten that stole our hearts though.

He hung out with his momma, another Tuxedo and ran whenever we got close. Over time, he got more comfortable with us and we were able to coax him inside to play. He was so at home that he would walk in, eat from our other cat's bowl and then hop up on our couch for a nap.

We took him to get his shots and found he was about a year and a half old as of August 2014. He now loves playing with his sister (although it's debatable whether she loves being tackled as he pounces on her head) and is a complete lap kitty, who purrs louder than any cat I've ever met.

Littlefoot is on the right, with his sister, Midnight on the left. I have no idea what mischief he was getting into either.

He is a wonderful addition to our family and I have already woken up from a nap on the couch, covered in kitties, so I think he enjoys his home very much.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Snippets: It's been a year

I didn't quite realize how very complicated, trying and plain out hard this year has been. I wasn't expecting it but every day was something new. Last week, we came home to some house issues that we are still resolving. I'm going to actively try to carve out quiet time for the rest of this year and next year.

Adorable Poor fox

Gimme They are so beautiful. It would make day to day living hard, but the peaceful and simple life you could live?


One of my favorite movies

#Ferguson Updates & These awesome kids (breaking hearts that they have to step up and say this) & This is so sad.

Just in case you were unclear about this situation It's sexual harassment and it's illegal.

Disgusting that this is done But like most things in racist America, not surprised.

hahahaha, because cats & awww, kitties

Well, damn

Cool Science Facts

Beautiful imagery

I would love to explore some of these

I love seeing words like this

Feels. Poetry is amazing.

Gah, I love Saint Bernards!

#Ferguson 9/24/2014 & More

How cool is this?

Her innovative Bump Mark label is filled with a solid, set form of gelatin. When the label is smooth, the food is fresh. When a consumer starts to feel bumps, that’s a sure sign that eating what’s in the package could make you sick.

Adorable. I love dogs.

Bless this teacher

He's also looking to provide support for parents through free dinners and educational events, like resume-writing and finance workshops, at the school in the evenings.

For Callahan, one of the most rewarding part of the backpack program is the way that it's drawn people together -- he and his wife, members of the school community -- in their efforts to help support local children in need. But ultimately, there's no greater reward than seeing his students grow and learn and thrive.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Adventures in Homeownership: Winter Prep List

Since the rumors are flying that this coming winter will put last winter to shame on the East Coast, the husband and I devised a list to prep for (action items/things to stock up on/etc.)

*Disclaimer-I actually enjoy snow and the winter season. Snow is fluffy. I like fluffy things. However, when it's regularly below 20 degrees and my parts are actually in danger of freezing off and we get weekly snowstorms, I have a problem.

 (Our driveway last winter. It looked like this from December to early April.)

Action Items:

-Insulate water heater pipes (our water heater doesn't get that warm, so the pipes are the better bet to cover)

-Clean out gutters (especially if we get hit with the snow they are calling for)

-Trim trees (see cleaning gutters-not trying to have my roof cave in)

-Purchase cheap toboggan (in case we need to move things around our backyard)

-Make a cover for outdoor kitties food dishes (I worry about the outdoor kitties who roam around)

-Getting fort materials (we have high ceilings and with baseboard electric heat, it costs a fortune to heat half of the house. So we are going to make a small fort that we can set up in the living room and just use a space heater to heat.)

-Which car’s alternator has most power/what can we run on an alternator? (We can use our cars as back up power sources in the event of an outage.)

-Test refrigerator in garage (see outages)

-Tinting on upper windows in living room (help with heat escaping)

-Seal front door/reset (our front door/screen were never hung properly so heat leaks out)

-Turn off rear water spigot valve in subfloor (to prevent pipes from freezing)

-Demolish hill by shed by culling sand for cars (there is a small hill of dirt/sand that was just dumped by previous owners so to kill two birds, we need sand in our cars anyway for ice/snowy drives)

-Make door drafts with old socks for sliding glass door (keeping out the cold! Plus, I can get old socks at the thrift store.)

-Finish t-shirt quilt (it's multi-layered, so it will be great for keeping us warm)

-Finish adding lining to living room curtains (we need to add lining to four more panels and that will help insulate the living room)

-Hang three sets of curtains in the husband's office (all windows have old metal slat blinds, which don't provide much help against temperature loss-we have two sets already, just need to take 10 minutes to hang them)

-Lay down compost in garden areas (prep for spring)

-Fix roof leaks (there are two small leaks that despite investigation, we can't find the source. I aim to change that.)

-Make another box for the outdoor kitties (we have one plastic tub that I cut a hole in and lined with a blanket. The kitties seemed to like it, so I plan to make another.)

-Thermally isolate guest bathroom or cover window with mylar/emergency blanket and outside wall with a packing blanket (for insulation)

Items to Buy:

-I inventoried our fall/winter gear and I have a small list of items we need: new snowboots, a new parka and some more long sleeve shirts.

-Get some solar panels and a battery storage system up and running (for outages)

-Stock up on frozen & canned meats (we have a grill outside we can use)

-Get curtain liner for office window (I had to tuck in my curtain last winter because it was very drafty. We sealed it with caulk, but just for added insulation.)

-Stock up: rice/pasta/beans/canned soup/ice

-Fill freezer with extra bread/butter (empty fridges/freezers use more electricity)

-Get two space heaters (infinitely better to heat small spaces than our old baseboard heaters)

-Stock up on toiletries for us & the cats (shampoo/conditioner/soap/vitamins/extra food/litter-better than having to run out in the middle of a snowstorm for toilet paper)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Snippets: Mmm, fall.

So freaking true

Plus, and more prosaically, it is just much harder to concentrate when you read online. Email, IM, social media, and spiral-arms of infinite, alluring content are a click away. Once you pick a page, ads and hyperlinks beckon. In their 2014 paper, Hooper and Herath suggested that people’s comprehension suffered when they read the Internet because the barrage of extraneous stimuli interrupted the transfer of information from sensory to working memory, and from working to long-term memory. Experts have posited the extinction of the “deep reading brain” if we do not learn to tune out the Web’s distractions.
I remember sitting for hours reading and now my brain just won't focus.

#thefuck?? Really? Someone decided this was a good idea?

Awwww!!! So cute


I'm 28 years old and I've been suffering with these things my entire life. I talk for hours with my roommate about not answering my mother's texts and just the sight of one spirals me into a madness of calling myself all sorts of vitriol for being a bad daughter. I'm a bossy bitch in the streets of New York but my crippling secret and silence about my abuse still brings me to tears more days than not.

I know that feeling. I used to have panic attacks driving near the exit where my father lives. I was guilted by strangers, for the estrangement between my father and I. 

Heartbreaking I hope these families can get the closure or some peace soon.
Living simply...in a dumpster? An interesting read.

*facepalm*  What the hell Vogue?

#Ferguson & More

& the other video about Michael Brown

When you put it that way....makes my stomach turn

#Ferguson Town Hall

9/11- Yup & Part of the reason I have an issue "remembering" 9/11 (Not to say it wasn't an awful awful day. But the Islamophobia that was ramped up is not okay.)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Snippets: I'm old

Went to my 10th high school reunion last night....and I'm two years away from 30.

I would like to say I'm shocked by this but not really

A silent protest in Love Park, downtown Philadelphia orchestrated by performance artists protesting the murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson. The onslaught of passerby’s wanting to take photos with the LOVE statue exemplifies the disconnect in American society. Simply frame out the dead body, and it doesn’t exist. In this event, artist activists staged a scene where Kieth A. Wallace, an Actor, pretended to be dead for an hour in front of the statue while others took turns holding a sign with “Call Us By Our Names” written on it.

Beautiful, striking photo

I'm really trying to take the time to enjoy each season as it is around, so now I'm gearing up for fall. And colors like those.

The hell? Again, really wish I could be surprised.

While at the station, Mr. Davis agreed to give a blood sample as well, to prove he was not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. The results would later come back 100% negative. Davis’ attorney, Daniel Betts, told KVUE, “My reaction was just shock that this happened.”

Bless you, Jon Oliver

He and John Stewart went in, but again, it's the same problem of once the white man says it, people pay attention.

Fucking preach

I wanna go play with them.


One of the cutest fucking things I've ever seen.

File under surprised, not surprised

Aww, damn

I really like this photo


#Ferguson Updates

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Ups and Downs of Dressing with Less

Project 333's blog offered a chance to write about your own personal experiences with the concept of capsule clothing projects.

I really enjoyed the challenge of downsizing. Always have. I was that person in college, who purged their paper pile before they went home for the holidays. And now, even with the fact that I live in a 1,500 sq foot house, I try to squelch any clutter as quickly as possible.

We bought an extra wardrobe when we first moved into our house because the closet in our bedroom is long and narrow. I also had a three drawer nightstand and a dresser to house clothes. Slowly, but surely, I began whittling down my clothes. (I really loathe doing laundry.)

I never sought to stick with 33 items for 3 months, so I only purchased two accessories, a pair of shoes and a shirt since July 1st. But I try to stick to the one in, one out method. For the aforementioned purchases, I am donating a pair of earrings to make room for the pair purchased and the pair of shoes were a pair of boots I'd been eyeing for awhile, from Modcloth, that went on super sale. I'm donating my old four year pair of boots that had become a bit faded in color.

Upsides of less:
-Laundry is so much easier. I do about two full loads a week (husband's and I clothing together).
-I don't have to paw through piles in the morning.
-Our closet usually looks like this (when there isn't stuff hanging to dry from laundry):

-I spend less overall, even though when I do buy, I may spend more per piece. Quality over quantity.
-I usually haunt thrift stores, so there are less new pieces (and waste from making of said new product) introduced overall.

-I still have the urge to splurge because ooh, shiny! when I'm out. But I've learned that very rarely do splurge purchases pay off. I usually end up hating them, honestly.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Beauty in the midst of ugliness The public library is a makeshift school.

Honoring #MikeBrown

Ferguson residents line a parade of roses down W Florissant, leading to where Mike Brown was taken from this world.

YES  This definitely needs to be a thing.


Yeah, because nothing could go wrong with this set up

On August 20th

(Photo credit: http://jessehimself.tumblr.com/post/95528806818/holding-up-a-mirror-to-a-riot-officer-ferguson)