Friday, February 20, 2015

Wardrobe Update

I'm trying to keep that quote in mind for most areas where I spend money this year, but in particular with clothes. There are few pieces I'm on the hunt for, but all in all, I'm trying to hone my style.Which apparently is looking like a bruise. It's easiest for me to throw on a black t shirt and jeans with flats. I don't mind attempting to venture out (see: trying skinny jeans for the first time), but at the same time, I'm not trying to impress anyone.

I wrote previously about my entire wardrobe (here) and I wanted to do an update to that list. I'm trying to dress myself, cheaply, with decent clothes that will last longer than a year. Of course, quality versus cost, where said items are made, etc is a whole other conversation. I know that many clothes are not made locally. I try to balance what I enjoy wearing with the least impact, which is why I haunt thrift stores like it's my second job. For example, there is one in Laurel, Maryland called Second Avenue. It's the size of a smaller Target and they have 50% off sales on Sundays. It's well organized and they have a great selection. A must see if you're in the area.

-three pairs of jeans (one I specifically sequestered for winter because they are heavier denim and I'd melt in Maryland humidity wearing them-and all three pairs are from thrift stores)
-still have three pairs of jeans, but one pair is now skinny, one is long for heels, and one is flare
-one pair of capris (which I wear with boots in the winter, all hail double duty!) (also thrift store)
-two pairs of black dress pants (one plain and one pinstripe)
-four dresses (although one is my wedding dress so unless Causal Friday gets redefined, I won't be wearing that on the regular) (one is from the thrift store and it's to die for)
-five dresses: one wedding dress, one to wear to weddings, one aforementioned to die for, and then I scooped up two black ones at a recent 50% off sale at a thrift store. One is a button up t-shirt style with pockets and one is a slimmer fitting, dressier one.
-one pair of shorts (that I stole from the husband)
-three skirts (one thrifted)
-I have one black skirt and one long grey skirt. I would like one more short one, to work with our blessed state's humidity in the summer.
-one pair of knit tights (also known as how I stayed warm during the Polar Vortex this past winter)
-my tights ripped, so I'm on the hunt for a new pair. In the meantime, I do have a pair of grey leggings that I can work into layers.
-two pairs of sweatpants (one pair stolen from a college roommate) <--Both pairs are on their last legs. I've repatched the stolen pair more times that I remember. These are definitely on the list for the next thrift visit.

-one swimsuit
-one winter coat
-one pair of snow pants (aka I stole an old pair of husband's work pants)
-three scarves
-two pairs of gloves

-two blazers (both thrifted) just down to my purple one. The black one was too stuffy.
-two sweaters (one long sleeve and baggy and the other is a long coat like one: both thrifted)
-two sweatshirts (one hoodie/one decorative)
-three long sleeve shirts (one blue/one black/one grey)
-one vest (found an H & M pinstripe vest at a consignment store for under $10-Uh-mazing) As cute as the vest was, I barely wore it.
-four button up-two are short-sleeve and thrifted. And I need to find a good white basic button up. It is so hard to find one that can accommodate busty women.
-two cardigans -My black cardi is still great, but my red one would get too stretched out. I did find a lovely plum one at the thrift store, since my black cardi is getting thin in places.
-shirts-three categories (seven-nightwear, six-causal/around the house, five-work-most thrifted)
-shirts (I finally graduated to grown up nightwear-three long nightshirts that keep me warm in the winter, four causal shirts, one dressy, two basic colors, one summer sleeveless). I need to find a white short sleeve shirt.
-three tank tops (Target, of all places, has the best ones I've ever worn. They haven't faded, they wick away sweat and fit really well. I've had all three for 4+ years.)

-two pairs of heels (one high/low)
-two pairs of slippers (one are specifically for winter)
-one pair of sneakers (they will need replacing in the next year)
-one pair of boots (sidenote-can someone PLEASE make adorable boots that accommodate wide calves? Years of karate training have left me with gorgeous legs, but the only place I have ever been able to find boots is online at Victoria Secret's. Not even DSW has stuff that works)
-scored an awesome pair of brown boots from ModCloth
-two pairs of flats (both thrifted!)
-decided to donate one pair of flats, since the basic black pair worked with  more outfits. I did get another pair but they are for our vow renewal.
-one pair of flip flops (despite advice from my chiropractor)
-will actually try to shy away from flip flops this summer. I'm on the lookout for a nice pair of wedge sandals instead.

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