Thursday, June 12, 2014

Capsule Clothing & Closets

In my quest to have less things to clean and organize, I purge my clothes on a regular basis. It has taken me a while to fine tune my wardrobe, but I now rely on a few proven techniques, which include whether or not I love (not just like like) and whether I've been patient. With regards to the second point, I was attempting to find a dress for a coworker's wedding last year. I waited until the last minute and while the dress I wore was decent, I hated that it wasn't exactly what I wanted. It got donated.

The husband and I share a closet with room to spare. We share a dresser, too. The less I have, I find I have more creativity and stuff to work with. Granted, I have a few pieces of jewelry and come fall/winter, scarves are my BFF.

Thrifting has helped for sure. I've been shopping in thrift stores since I was a teenager (my parents were lucky I didn't give much of a shit about brand names, aside for an ill-fated attraction to JINCOs. The 90's were everywhere, people.) so I can usually find great deals and buys.

I have (at current count):

-three pairs of jeans (one I specifically sequestered for winter because they are heavier denim and I'd melt in Maryland humidity wearing them-and all three pairs are from thrift stores)
-one pair of capris (which I wear with boots in the winter, all hail double duty!) (also thrift store)
-two pairs of black dress pants (one plain and one pinstripe)
-four dresses (although one is my wedding dress so unless Causal Friday gets redefined, I won't be wearing that on the regular) (one is from the thrift store and it's to die for)
-one pair of shorts (that I stole from the husband)
-three skirts (one thrifted)
-one pair of knit tights (also known as how I stayed warm during the Polar Vortex this past winter)
-two pairs of sweatpants (one pair stolen from a college roommate)

-one swimsuit
-one winter coat
-one pair of snow pants (aka I stole an old pair of husband's work pants)

-two blazers (both thrifted)
-two sweaters (both thrifted)
-two sweatshirts
-two long sleeve shirts
-one vest (found an H & M pinstripe vest at a consignment store for under $10-Uh-mazing)
-four blouses (button up-two of those are thrifted)
-two cardigans
-shirts-three categories (seven-nightwear, six-causal/around the house, five-work-most thrifted)
-three tank tops (Target, of all places, has the best ones I've ever worn. They haven't faded, they wick away sweat and fit really well. I've had all three for 4+ years.)

-two pairs of heels (one high/low)
-two pairs of slippers (one are specifically for winter)
-one pair of sneakers
-one pair of boots (sidenote-can someone PLEASE make adorable boots that accommodate wide calves? Years of karate training have left me with gorgeous legs, but the only place I have ever been able to find boots is online at Victoria Secret's. Not even DSW has stuff that works)
-two pairs of flats (both thrifted!)
-one pair of flip flops (despite advice from my chiropractor)

I don't think I could stick to just a single wardrobe selection for a three month stretch, I prefer to purge and update as necessary. But these are both great resources (I LOVE reading Un-Fancy). I would like to have a baseline of clothes that I maintain (one item in and one item out). I think I could stand to lose a few more pieces, too.

And now for the good stuff:

(see aforementioned to die for dress)

It's a gorgeous blue (damn my awful lights in my house) and the material Does. Not. Wrinkle. Like, for reals. You could scrunch it in a ball, let go and it looks freshly ironed.

I nearly ripped this shirt when I yanked it off the rack at the thrift store. It's a snug fit and works well dressed up or down.

I need to rant for a bit about women's jeans. Specifically, how flipping hard they are to find in a decent fit/cut. If they are long enough, they don't fit around the waist. And vice versa. Express had an amazing line of jeans (Eva) which they discontinued and simultaneously broke my heart. So now I pretty much stick to thrift stores for jeans. These are very comfy and work well with flats or low heels.

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