Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Snippets: Mmm, fall.

So freaking true

Plus, and more prosaically, it is just much harder to concentrate when you read online. Email, IM, social media, and spiral-arms of infinite, alluring content are a click away. Once you pick a page, ads and hyperlinks beckon. In their 2014 paper, Hooper and Herath suggested that people’s comprehension suffered when they read the Internet because the barrage of extraneous stimuli interrupted the transfer of information from sensory to working memory, and from working to long-term memory. Experts have posited the extinction of the “deep reading brain” if we do not learn to tune out the Web’s distractions.
I remember sitting for hours reading and now my brain just won't focus.

#thefuck?? Really? Someone decided this was a good idea?

Awwww!!! So cute


I'm 28 years old and I've been suffering with these things my entire life. I talk for hours with my roommate about not answering my mother's texts and just the sight of one spirals me into a madness of calling myself all sorts of vitriol for being a bad daughter. I'm a bossy bitch in the streets of New York but my crippling secret and silence about my abuse still brings me to tears more days than not.

I know that feeling. I used to have panic attacks driving near the exit where my father lives. I was guilted by strangers, for the estrangement between my father and I. 

Heartbreaking I hope these families can get the closure or some peace soon.
Living a dumpster? An interesting read.

*facepalm*  What the hell Vogue?

#Ferguson & More

& the other video about Michael Brown

When you put it that way....makes my stomach turn

#Ferguson Town Hall

9/11- Yup & Part of the reason I have an issue "remembering" 9/11 (Not to say it wasn't an awful awful day. But the Islamophobia that was ramped up is not okay.)

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