Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Snippets: It's been a year

I didn't quite realize how very complicated, trying and plain out hard this year has been. I wasn't expecting it but every day was something new. Last week, we came home to some house issues that we are still resolving. I'm going to actively try to carve out quiet time for the rest of this year and next year.

Adorable Poor fox

Gimme They are so beautiful. It would make day to day living hard, but the peaceful and simple life you could live?


One of my favorite movies

#Ferguson Updates & These awesome kids (breaking hearts that they have to step up and say this) & This is so sad.

Just in case you were unclear about this situation It's sexual harassment and it's illegal.

Disgusting that this is done But like most things in racist America, not surprised.

hahahaha, because cats & awww, kitties

Well, damn

Cool Science Facts

Beautiful imagery

I would love to explore some of these

I love seeing words like this

Feels. Poetry is amazing.

Gah, I love Saint Bernards!

#Ferguson 9/24/2014 & More

How cool is this?

Her innovative Bump Mark label is filled with a solid, set form of gelatin. When the label is smooth, the food is fresh. When a consumer starts to feel bumps, that’s a sure sign that eating what’s in the package could make you sick.

Adorable. I love dogs.

Bless this teacher

He's also looking to provide support for parents through free dinners and educational events, like resume-writing and finance workshops, at the school in the evenings.

For Callahan, one of the most rewarding part of the backpack program is the way that it's drawn people together -- he and his wife, members of the school community -- in their efforts to help support local children in need. But ultimately, there's no greater reward than seeing his students grow and learn and thrive.

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