Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Snippets: Summer Swampiness

Every summer I tell myself I'm going to move. I could bathe in the humidity this week. But avoiding the outdoors for the most part meant I got all the things done. So that's the good flipside.

Love old places

Ah, yup

(TW) Heartbreaking

Her aunt, Beatrice Loggins, spoke lovingly of Shancez, citing her uniqueness as a person. "Nobody deserves that. Straight, gay, purple, pink, white, black. Nobody...There will never be another T, you couldn't clone her, couldn't mold her."

*insert gif of Shut up and Take my Money*  Alternatively, why aren't we funding this? Oh, right, oil companies.

Yup, because cats I do this when I see dogs or cats out on the street.

Two Sides of Baltimore-GO read now.

My black friends call it Baldamore, Harm City or Bodymore Murderland. My white friends call it Balti-mo, Charm City or Smalltimore while falling in love with the quaint pubs, trendy caf├ęs and distinctive little shops. I just call it home. 

Well, that's completely adorable

Fucking preach Especially important after this week


Because kitties & No matter their size, they all love to cuddle Gah. Want to pet.

People wonder why I'm terrified of deep water It's because if I saw this, I would bend over and kiss my own ass goodbye.

Very important. Words do matter.

AWESOME photo & Buh. What?!?

The hell? Not that I'm surprised or anything

Awesome idea. Props to these guys

Hells yes

When was the last time you put yourself out there? I have found the more you do it, the easier it is. Promise. Try it. It's secretly addicting!

Anthony Weiner being correct and relevant? Huh?

All aboard that Nope train to Fuck It Ville

Yup. Ruth Bader Ginsberg for the win

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