Monday, June 30, 2014

Adventures in Homeownership: Cabinets Aren't Supposed to Stay on the Walls, Right?

Apparently, I'm determined to rip most of the cabinets off the kitchen walls. They work better as kitty hideouts anyway.

(Midnight inspecting things)

I wanted to open up the kitchen area more over the large countertop because before I removed cabinets next to and over the fridge, I felt like I was in a hobbit hole every time I stepped into the kitchen.

(cabinet on the wall)

(Husband helping to remove things that may crash upon our heads once we attempt to wrench cabinet off the wall)

(Naked wall! Avert your eyes!)

(Fresh paint!)

(All pretty again!)

I can't wait till I can take down the cabinets over the shelves....mmmmm

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