Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Snippets: Vacation!

I have a beach vacation coming up; the first vacation since my husband and I's very simple honeymoon more than four years ago. And I need it. Car broke down and we realized I'm going to need a new transmission by the end of the year. Ugh.

Welp, there you go & More on the Hobby Lobby mess & Counterprotests

If a store brags of their discount merchandise brought to you with this primary goal in mind:

Honoring the Lord in all we do by operating the company in a manner consistent with Biblical principles,

…it makes you wonder which Biblical principles they are referencing. You would think they would produce their goods in a state or country with the strictest adherence to “Biblical Principles.” This is far from the case. Most of their merchandise is imported from China: where female infanticide and forcedabortion is the highest in the world. China truly is the most egregious abuser of this form of population control.

Great website for those across the pond Ten thousand percent agree, I can't begin to imagine how terrifying it would be to have an abusive caregiver as a disabled woman.

Because puppies

Wanderlust I love pictures of roads like this.

This needs to be known. He was a creepy ass motherfucker when I saw him on campus and his response is disgusting. #HumanityAgainstSexualAssault

In case you need to vomit today.... #jadacounterpose

Boost and donate if you can

The Eagle Bull- Oxendine family is being sued by their child’s school for defamation, because they asked the school to permanently change their offensive and culturally insensitive Thanksgiving curriculum and to honor a two-year scholarship taken from their daughter after they voiced their concern over Native appropriation there.

Some happy pictures of books I need some happy after this week.

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