Monday, July 28, 2014

Less and less

I've recently come across this website and I'm bookmarking almost every article. I read this one today and it struck a chord with so many things I'm trying to accomplish this year.

It will all get done, or it won’t. Either way, you will be ok. You can start stopping the madness by calling a catch up truce with the following:

  • Blog reading. If your blog reader is full and you have hundreds or thousands of posts waiting for your attention, start over. Declare blog reading bankruptcy and hit “clear all”. This might be a good time to assess what’s in your blog reader too. Did you add a paleo blog last year and now you are more interested in updates from a vegan blogger? Were you following a blogger that changed focus and lost your interest? It’s ok to remove blogs from your feed. There is more goodness to come. Make room for what means most to you right now.
  • Social media. If you haven’t checked Twitter or Facebook in days, you are not obligated to read everything that was posted while you were gone. You didn’t miss a thing and chances are, whatever you missed will be repeated.
  • Entertainment. You don’t need the latest TV, books, movies, games, music to be completely fulfilled. It will all be available if and when you are ready and if you are never ready, that’s ok too. Letting it go feels so much better than keeping up with it all.
I've had books on my Amazon "To Read" list since I graduated college. I've had books on my shelves just as long.

I'm taking this year to clear out the clutter: I've gotten rid of close to 75 books, cut down my Twitter and Feedly lists and purged my file cabinet and hard drive.

I realize I have better things to do than endlessly chase or organize or clean things in my life. I joked with a friend that it was time to shit or get off the pot. If the books on my list or shelves aren't read by the end of the year, they get donated.

We have so many items that fight for our attention on a daily basis, why not cut the fat and truly enjoy the things we love?

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