Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Snippets: Mid Year?

I'm trying to shake off a summer slump; vacation, too much Netflix, etc. I have a lot more I want to get done before the end of year!

Being a photographer = pretty much this

Beautiful I love open road shots.

A lovely sentiment

hahahahaha True statement right there.

Me = watching most modern films

Not surprised, but still disgusted

I mean, who wouldn't want a three foot cat?

Aww, happy owls!

TW-Some of these reactions make me wanna barf

Several weeks ago, 28-year-old Minneapolis resident Lindsey was standing on an escalator when a stranger began touching her hair and calling her “blondie.” When she told the man he “could just say ‘hi’ next time,” she said, he began screaming at her and calling her ugly. The situation reminded Lindsey — a longtime confronter of catcallers, most notably in last year’s Craigslist ad gone viral — that while she could control her reaction to street harassers, she couldn’t always anticipate their reaction to being confronted.

It was then she had the idea for Cards Against Street Harassment: pocket-size cards women could download, print, and hand out to their catcallers, explaining why the attention was unwanted without even speaking.

The whole tragedy is so devastating and to think of how many brilliant things could have come from those breaks my heart.

Shanesha Taylor, a mother living in Scottsdale, Arizona, was arrested in March after leaving her children, ages six months and two years old, in the car while she went to a job interview. But on Friday, Maricopa County announced a plea agreement that would drop the charges against her if she completes classes and establishes trusts for her children.

But within a married couple wherein the woman keeps her name, embracing all these potential snares and giving a child the woman's surname can be an intentional way of shaking up convention. That is the case for Molly Caro May, who, in an essay at The Hairpin, muses on what happened when she and her husband, Chris, went for it simply because they wanted to. And given that their friends and families had always been open-minded, she writes, they were not prepared for the shockwave.

What kind of evil prank?

 This little house looks adorable

Ahh, so cute!

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