Sunday, January 5, 2014

Adventures in Homeownership: Raining means pouring. All the time.

I had talked about the tale of the fridges here and here but then a few days ago, we discovered that the dishwasher wasn't fully emptying the water after a cycle was run. We drained the water and cleaned around the bottom and then ran it again. Seemed to work fine until the very last part of the cycle, when a clicking noise started and the water refused to drain again.

So the husband started taking apart the dishwasher (one lovely benefit of owning your own home, don't have to wait for the dumbasses at Lighthouse at Twin Lakes to take five days to fix stuff...we can do it ourselves) and realized that the water line that connected the dishwasher to the sink was copper. A very stupid idea as we soon discovered. After husband moved it, to further work on the dishwasher, he leaned in under the sink and suddenly I hear loud cursing. The pipe burst.

We were able to shut it off partially and then we did a temporary fix (god bless zip ties), but we have to fix the pipe first (which should have been flex pipe to start with) and then buy a new dishwasher. The problem, from what we can deduce, would be the same cost to fix as a new dishwasher. And as an added bonus, under the sink, they put crappy drywall instead of something a bit more solid so now that is completely busted up and the insulation has mold on it. So I have to fix that too.

And so, as best described by Ichabod Crane:

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