Friday, December 27, 2013

Adventures in Homeownership: Almost 2014!

2013 was a year of so many ups and downs, not least of which was me attending a funeral on Jan. 4th and then finding out four days before Christmas that my grandfather passed. Let's try to avoid that for 2014, mmkay universe?

Did a major book purge (more on clutter busting in the new year...) and am now waiting for bookcases. Every time we make plans to go to the lumber yard for wood for said bookcases, something else happens.

We have new things in the kitchen! Including an awesome print, another shelf for storage and a new fridge, courtesy of my chiropractor (of all places). I had mentioned our fridge woes and then he mentioned having an extra one. So we scored a fairly new fridge for $100. It works and it's even a bright white to match the rest of the kitchen, unlike the awful beige the older one was.

We have more seating! Got the loveseat from friends who were combining households and had things to spare. (I also got a paper mache toucan that the cat side-eyed when I brought it inside.) The cat has claimed the top closest to the window, all the better for stray cat and bird watching.

 I added a mirror and purged my bedside table.
I whittled down my jewelry (notice a trend?) and have hung everything up so as to fit in this cute frame. The only pieces not up there are two sets of stud earrings.


  1. Purging- the way of the new year. It feels sooo good doesn't it?? Considering the nursery is literally our holding area of boxes from when we moved back in March, the next month or so once we get back is going to be chock full of it!

  2. Oh, god, I love purging and cleaning. Aside from naps, it might actually be my favorite hobby.