Monday, July 15, 2013


I was at a friend's birthday party when I got the news alert email from The Washington Post.

What made me angry at first was that I wasn't surprised. I went to bed numb and angry and I woke up numb and angry.

A beautiful 17 year old son will never get to be with his family again.

And there are more Trayvon's out there. Thousands more.

It's fucking disgusting and unfair and a million more words that fail to live up to how awful this is.

And even these words don't feel enough. Far many people have said it better than I can right now.

The Black Snob

Instead, reach down inside of you, find your outrage button – the one all free people are born with – and fix it. You will not be a broken person out of survival in an unjust world. Do not accept what is given to you, the dead corpses of black boys, because there have always been corpses. Free people don’t accept something just because it was always there. Free people live and react as free people with all the power and indignation their creator bestowed upon them. Don’t let this injustice lead to acceptance or apathy. Don’t let an injust world change you.

Womanist Musings

Slowly this story will slip off the front pages of newspapers and the networks will end their round the clock coverage, moving onto yet another tragedy that they can report on. The coldness of the grave does not bring ratings like sensationalism. The only people who cannot walk away, who cannot forget, are those who knew and loved Trayvon. For them, this will be a never ending nightmare because not only did they not get justice, they cannot get their loved one back.  They don't even have the cold comfort of believing that Trayvon's death will lead to change because this trial has proven soundly that he is just another, in a long list of Black youths, whose lives and deaths are meaningless in a White supremacist world.


Heartbreaking truth

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