Sunday, July 28, 2013

Around the Interwebz: Almost My Birthday edition

Birthday is in less than two weeks. Very excited.


Cause fixing the fucking economy would be too much ask.

Disgusting (TW for racism)

Smaller house

We love having a smaller house. It is much easier to clean and it has more character than these McMansions thrown up in five seconds.

Student Loans

In the shadow of these onerous, misguided policy decisions, we find ourselves facing a student loan burden so enormous that its present value has actually eclipsed our national credit card debt. Incredibly, the fundamental problem is quite simple: Our current system offers no incentives for loan originators to deny risky borrowers; consequently, student loans are much too easy to obtain. Huge amounts of cash are offered to students without regard to the school they might attend or the major they might choose. Colleges and universities happily raise prices (at a rate significantly faster than inflation), secure in the knowledge that larger loans will be provided to cover increasing costs.

I remember every April, checking my own campus mailbox and receiving the "Oh, so sorry, we have to jack up your rates-again" letter. Meanwhile, my payments went to a building I'll never get to use. And the financial office still treated me like a disposable wallet, despite the fact that I was putting myself through school.


That song is disgusting.

Amazing read

What? You thought you were one of the “good ones” why because you didn’t burn burn down a black church or wave the Confederate flag. How could you not be one of the good ones, you didn’t do anything?The silence and apathy of most whites is nearly deafening, until you rightfully indict them on their privilege and then they come out in droves demanding to be counted among the “good ones” and the speshul white allies.

Here’s the truth. You’re not one of the good ones. If you have to say you’re about it, you’re not about it. Unless you’re willing to do the right thing at your personal expense, don’t lecture blacks and other POCs about being one of the good ones. Don’t tell us to look for the good in whites.

On Monday, CHICAGO HOUSE cut the ribbon on the TransLife Center (TLC), a first in the nation facility for members of the transgender community, located in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood.

Mmm, autumn

So use it trans people, allies and supporters to dispel the lie that we Black transpeople haven't contributed anything to the advancement of trans human rights, our people's advancement, aren't part of the Black community or made some history in our own right. 

Clearly, the state of North Carolina agrees with me, because they’ve just decided that it is now legal to carry guns in bars in their state. And playgrounds!

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