Monday, May 13, 2013

Book Review: STFU Parents

I found it only appropriate that I finished reading this hysterical book on Mother's Day. I had seen passing references to a hilarious post on the blog but have started reading in earnest this year. Koenig has compiled a barrel of laughs in this collection and more often than not, I sat with my mouth hanging open at the sheer gall of people. Everyone knows that one person in the group that overshares but some of these parents take it to the next level.

Some of my favorites include: the woman who was disgusted by the word "fart" and refused to take her children to see the newest Muppets movie because they use that word in it, this hot mess, and anything from the Sanctimommy chapter because where else can you find someone telling you, "Only when you are a parent you realize how life is worth more with a child."

Really? Half of the stories in this compilation are the highest form of birth control. The other half are combination of sugar, RedBull and the tallest drink at Starbucks (who the hell knows what that is these days) singing parenthood's praises. What happened to being honest with one's self about the fact that parenthood can be a struggle and a blessing at the same time?

I do wonder, however, how this overshare phenomenon fits into the idea of new American motherhood. I realize it's overt that a lot of these women are insecure and are struggling, hence the need to share, but I think it goes further than that. If we didn't have this idealized image of parenthood that we felt the need to achieve, I think a lot of the parents featured could relax and not feel the need to have a five figure birthday party for a one year old.

Koenig does include what she calls "Mom's Gold Star" entries. Also known as how to correctly post on social media about one's children. My favorite is "When your wife says, 'The baby just pooped,' the correct response is not, 'Wow, you're fucked.'" The rest of the entries are equally entertaining.

This collection is highly recommended, even if you follow the blog. Koenig shares new insights and commentary that will have you snorting and nodding in appreciation.

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  1. I've never heard of this but TOTALLY want to try it out!! Even though, of course, I'm worried to see myself in there... ;) I think I do okay??

    I think that social media makes motherhood, especially stay at home motherhood, a lot easier and more difficult all at once. I love being able to connect with people at home, but then you are always seeing images of what others do "perfectly" on blogs and pinterest. It just turns it into one huge competition even when people are spouting off that it isn't. That's why I love it when I find people who I feel are truly real about what it's like, their expectations, and their ups and downs. Those gems are out there too.

    I think I just went on a huge tangent there... bbbedtime!

  2. Preach! People have now actually coined the term "Pin-stressed". Life isn't a competition, people!

    And I love me some tangents :)