Friday, September 21, 2012

Around the web....

I realized I had all these awesome things saved in my bookmarks folder and wanted to share them with all of you!

Gorgeous work

Savoring the little things

I would so have this in my house It would be a great conversation starter.

I plan on doing this next spring I realized I've never actually lived alone (family to college to husband) and when I was younger, it was too expensive. I'm taking a trip to PA to visit some state parks next March all by myself and I am giddy with excitement.


Our marriage is about seeing the spark of passion in each other and making sure to help grow that spark into a roaring fire. It’s me standing on the sidelines giving an epic slow-clap as he approaches the finish line called graduation. It’s him rubbing my shoulders and letting me talk his ear off about an amazing wedding, even if it is at midnight and he has to work the next day.
Our marriage is an environment that nurtures creativity and encourages leaps of faith. While to some, we may not have “made it,” I know that in his eyes I am the most successful, and in my eyes he is the most driven. How could I not rely on my marriage for motivation and inspiration?

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