Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Fun

If you have not checked out the midnight blues, you are missing out:

So beautiful

Sigh...of happiness

If I hadn't already been convinced by my best friend in college that fall was the best season, these two posts would convince me.

In the world of tattoos....

I was told the same thing. Especially since two of my tattoos are on my wrists. I have an awesome job and a freelance career!

Can I just like this x1000000000?

YES! This, this, is what I have been looking for! My family and friends are used to rolling their eyes but ever since I got hitched, I've been genuinely curious, if you couldn't tell.

Why aren't we having more conversations like this? Not just about name changing, but abortion rights, religion, anything and everything? Having a safe and open space to discuss this is a deep gulp of fresh air and I tip my hat to the women who started this. About freaking time.

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