Thursday, September 20, 2012

Some stuff I've seen...(aka, I'm in love with the blog A Practical Wedding)

I've been busy with work this week but I wanted to mention a few things I read this week:


True story

You have no idea what the people around you are secretly dealing with. Personally, I think many of the bitch-and-moan issues at my workplace are a matter largely of people needing to put on their big girl pants. Some things are just so stupidly unimportant there’s no use getting yourself in a twist over them. (See below.)

But, that said, who am I to judge?

None of this petty shit matters. Two days after my own personal meltdown, I can look at the silly hassles that normally make me a grumpypants (like, a-hem, complaining coworkers) and say “Seriously? This is what I’ve been getting so upset over? This is a negative on the scale of importance.”

This. So Much

And I promise to stand up for you if my family, or your family, ever suggests that marriage might be the next logical step in your life (because it's not, unless you want it to be).

And in the next few years, if the world tries to make you feel less proud of your accomplishments, because you’re still “missing” part of the equation? I. Will. Shut. That. Shit. Down.

The next two links are very similar, even though they are dealing with very different things:


But as for changing the cultural narrative, I've got nothing... "You don’t get a say," when people try to intrude into our choices. And as much as I enjoy the image of yelling that at the next person who criticizes my... anything... that's not quite what I want. I don't want to shut people down; I want to change the conversation. I don't want to tell people to shut up. I want to stop being treated as nothing but a vessel, like my person has ceased to exist, ceded entirely to the yet-to-be-born. I want to remind people that I'm still right here
Name Changing

When anyone gives me an opinion on what I should do with my name, or how I should configure it, I don’t even try to defend my decisions anymore. I just state clearly and assertively “Nope. You don’t get a say.”

I mention a lot of the same things here but both posts highlight what I wanted to get across; let's change the conversation. Let's actually make traction as opposed to spinning our wheels with useless arguments.

And finally,

What's on your list?

Mine? Lots of tea, lots of walk, reading, and fun home improvement projects that I can do indoors.

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