Monday, May 9, 2011

Articles Round-Up-Working Long Hours Edition

I haven't been posting as often as I'd like because between two jobs, I very rarely have a full day off. But I need to make more of a commitment to this blog.

Filling the Gaps from Feministe Still not sure how I feel about this piece. I get where Jill is coming from, but Feministe has long has problems with transphobia, racism and generally presenting a plethora of view points.

Review of Feminism for Real by the ever awesome Allison McCarthy Can't wait to read it.

Men & Fatherhood from Shakesville

Gag me (TW) In this interview, we learn that men can be abusive, violent assholes. It's science! More specifically, it's the science of hormones! Also, it is the science of half-assed culturally-laden assumptions!

No fucking way  No one can argue, with any honesty or credibility, that they value life if they would force a person to carry to term an unwanted or unviable pregnancy against hir will. That is the opposite of a respect for life, if the definition of "life" is to have any meaning at all.

Offbeat Mama on Mother's Day

Gender pressure from Unclutterer

Transphobia from Camille Paglia

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  1. Thanks for the link love, Jillian! Since you brought up the issue of making more of a committment to this blog, I just wanted to say that it would be great to read more posts that are about your life, your thoughts, or even just *reactions* to the stuff you read -- like, one or two articles -- versus a link-round-up. The thing is, Shakesville and other blogs do link-round-ups IN ADDITION to the longer/shorter posts they write on other topics, but AtlasWonders is primarily links to other blogs, so.... why not post writing vs. links? Even if it's just a few hundred words (or, hell, a few thousand), it would be so great to see more of YOUR writing.