Thursday, April 28, 2011

Articles Round-Up

Pearl clutching over marriage woes Seriously? These are things we are worrying about when Japan will be in dire straights for several years to come, the economy still sucks and the GOP will always suck.

Really great read about women and anxiety

Awful exploitation of homeless men via Renee It's seeing shit like this that makes me question my faith in humanity. Homeless men (and women) are people deserving of respect too. TW for violence

Fuck yeah (TW for rape)

Food Choices

From Shakesville-The Culture of Thin (TW for body policing, weight, & fatophobia)

Borders Closings

Staying Creative

Happy Blog anniversary to Womanist Musings!

Five Years from Shakesville

List under "When pigs fly" I would love standardized sizing.

On not man hating

Really good tool to have

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