Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Articles Round-Up-Fried Computer Edition

My apologies for lack of posting, my computer got hit very suddenly Saturday night by a nasty virus. Had to reformat the harddrive and reinstall my operating systems. Thank goodness the husband is a computer whiz.


NY Times and Rape Coverage (TW) Absolutely disgusting.

Second that absolutely disgusting (TW) Because when I go to a hospital, I totes want their opinions on whether or not I get an abortion.

So It Begins Congrats, Indiana, on being the biggest jackasses.

Homophobia at it's finest (TW)

Rape Beading from CNN (TW for rape) Awful, awful, awful

Chipping Away at Roe

Food Stamps from Racialicious

Peace Corps & Sexual Assault (TW)

Microaggressions from Ms. Great interview from Allison McCarthy

"Protecting Children?"

Awful (TW) I don't have children yet, but heaven help the school system that hits my child. It's not discipline at all!

No Contact with Toxic Family Members (TW) This so much. Trying to explain to people why I don't contact my father is like banging my head against a wall sometimes.

Absolutely sick What kind of mother could do such a thing?

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