Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Articles Round-Up-Job Edition

I have a second interview for this awesome not-for-profit today and by 4:30, I'll know whether I got the job or not!

Where is Chris Meloni when you need him?  TW for rape & rape apologia. I wish I could have been in NYC for the protest to this. But I'm glad one was organized so quickly and so many people came.

Helping the victims of the tornado disasters  My heart goes out to these people. May they find their loved ones and have help healing from this terrible tragedy.

Can't you tell I'm stunned? If we withhold contraceptives, sliding scale birth control options and abortions, what the hell did people think were going to happen?

Disgusting Transphobia Ew, ew, ew ew

Sadly predictable The ongoing case of Nikki Araguz.

Awful fat hatred (TW)  In case anyone was still under the impression that fat hatred in this country is not explicitly eliminationist, Shaker NobleExperiments sends along this article which reports: "According to South Florida's Sun Sentinel, 15 of 105 OB/GYN practices in the area have created weight limits for new patients starting at 200 pounds."

The new doc, Dark Girls Really powerful stuff.

WHAT.THE.FUCK I wouldn't even know where to begin. Disgustingly racist

In less depressing/racist news, a new E.E. Cummings poem has been found Go check it out.

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