Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday Snippets: Work Trip

I flew out on Thursday and won't fly back until early dark thirty tomorrow. But! This overtime check is going to knock out my first student loan. Which is what I will keep telling myself through 17 hour days.

Way to go Churchill Ya racist douche

Formation Shutdown of Lake Shore Drive in Chicago

Poet Elizabeth Acevedo nails the hypocrisy of anti-choice advocates

Sandra Bland’s Mother Speaks At Congressional Caucus On Black Women & Girls

Republicans burn their voter ID cards to protest Trump

If you need a kitty in San Fran

What It's Like to Live With Only Bottled Water

The only thing city water is good for, Gail says, making an observation I heard from several people I spoke to, “is flushing the toilet.”

This poor guy Trying to do the right thing.

Utter jackass Christian, my foot.

Much better version

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