Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Quality: A Year in Review

I really liked the idea of picking a word for each year. Quality seemed right at the end of 2014. 2014 was a hard year but not nearly as hard as 2015. I had great plans for 2015 but starting the year with a massive migraine was foreshadowing. There were good moments (renewing our vows, lots of trips/mini-vacations, snuggles) but there was a lot of hard too. I'm not the only one. A lot of my immediate community had quite a shit year too.

Some of the good moments:

-Bid adeu to two Teflon pots that our former roommates destroyed and replaced with one stainless steel small pot.

-Sitting at home, after our vow renewal, snuggling in our dress up clothes.

-A day trip to the beach.

-Got rid of a trash can, to further cut down on waste. I'd like to get rid of more, but we'll see how that goes.

-Had a "tune up" session with my therapist when my anxiety drop kicked me in my teeth this fall.

-Re: anxiety-one good thing that came out of it was realizing just how much my darling husband was in my corner. He never doubted me.

-Stopped feeling guilty for binging on Netflix. Jessica Jones is so fucked up but amazing. And I will rewatch Ghost Whisperer till the cows come home.

For reference:

-Halfway through 2015

-Beginning of the year

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