Thursday, June 25, 2015

Word of the Year: Half way through

2014 was a hard year for me. I purposefully chose a list of goals and an overarching word for 2015 to be, honestly, gentler to myself.

After reading this sweet article, I thought I might do something similar.

-Quality helped me deliberately pick books that I really wanted to read, rather than a bunch to have a high number finished at the end of the year. I thoroughly enjoyed re-reading Harry Potter.

-Quality helped me say goodbye to a lot of things that I didn't need, both before and after reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I had a massive yard sale/thrift store donation last weekend and for the first time in months, I can do a cartwheel in my living room. As one does. I'm even doing a re-examination of my harddrive, a virtual "does it spark joy" exercise with the plethora of pictures. I'm finding a lot I can happily hit the delete button on.

This is where I started in May. We'll see how much nicer it will look once I'm done. The complete size of files was 128GB. I'd like to have that under 100 when I'm done.

-Quality has helped me come to terms with my face and the fact that my inner teenager is throwing a temper tantrum. I posted this picture last summer and while it has gotten a tiny bit easier, my face isn't where I'd like it to be. Surprisingly, the aforementioned tidying book helped me with this. Seek gratitiude. My face has withstood so much abuse, both in trying to heal any breakouts and the effects of my anxiety. My face also has so much character and laugh lines because I don't shy away from a smile. So from now on, gratitude.

-Quality has meant removing toxic or unhelpful things from my life. I stopped hate reading a few things online and purged my social media accounts. I even purged my paper journals. There was a lot of pain that could be let go. So I gathered up all the ones that I wanted to release and burned them.

-Quality helped me appreciate the little things. I have this beautiful bunch of white flowers in my backyard, which are technically weeds. But they make me smile, so they stay.

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