Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Snippets: FUCK YES LOVE WINS

Woke up Friday morning to the wonderful news that #LoveWins!!!!

Quickly confirmed with former college roomie that I will be permitted to wear a tutu as her flower girl in her future nuptials.

Police brutality

17 #SeanToon911 Tweets Are the Best Response to the White McKinney Man Who Called Police

Yay Hero Cats!

Alan Rickman + Helium = Beauty

Awww, I love this

Racism? What racism?

Fuck that awful woman


This is wonderful

Finding employment after being in prison can be next to impossible.

Not only do these people have to battle the stigma of a criminal record, they are also barred from some types of jobs entirely, including those in the childcare, education and healthcare fields. It’s no wonder that so many ex-felons turn back to a life of crime just to get by; two-thirds are re-arrested within three years of their release.

But in Little Rock, Ark., one woman has given thousands of former inmates a second chance to contribute to society, local station THV11 reports.

#MorethanMarriage: Equal marriage has been a great start, let's keep the momentum going!

Iconic Pictures #Ferguson #FreeBree

Five black churches were set on fire this past week

Bad ass women

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