Monday, November 30, 2015

Adventures in Homeownership: Bedroom Closet

We painted our bedroom when we first bought our house, but never paid much attention to the closet. It is long and narrow and not really conducive to clothes displaying nicely.

I was planning on doing a bunch of touch up painting this weekend (bathroom ceiling since I ran out of paint when I did the massive cleaning in July), baseboards, doors (painted a gagging shade of beige-which why in the hell when the rest of door frame is white?) and door frames, when I figured, why not throw the closet in there as well? I was following in the footsteps of Erin Boyle (and if you aren't reading her blog, you should be) in terms of white paint solving a lot.

Husband's clothes still hanging, in the before stage. Also, an older before picture.


Once all the clothes were out.

Expressing hatred for this type of hanging. I don't know who got the bulk discount for this type, but we can't spit without hitting them in this house and we've already gotten rid of a ton.

I apparently have a very serious face when spackling.

All spackled and sanded and ready to go!

Freshly painted and vacuumed!

With shelves! That I had to hang while balancing one on my head and one on my shoulder.

I'm actually happy to look into our closet now. Not happy that I was sidetracked by my continuing dysfunctional washing machine and clogged pipes...but I did get this done at least. Along with all of the baseboards and four doors painted. Win!

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