Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Snippets: Fall?

We've had a bunch of 90+ days. I've relished summer long enough, I think some cooler weather will be nice.

Of course no news cameras when this happens

A Fox News article Thursday claimed that St. Louis-area demonstrators expressed “no outrage” over her murder. The only issue? That’s not true.

Mass shootings since Sandy Hook, in one map

LOL, well, guess I'm using Instagram incorrectly

a suicide help line that works like a text-based instant messenger  GREAT idea!

Awww, feels

#Radazz Hearns


And there it is

The Scott sisters will remain on parole and be required to pay the state of Florida $52 per month for the rest of their lives. Each time I think shit can't be real, nope, it is.

One of my two upcoming book reviews!

We're so unwilling to believe that any man could be a rapist, but any woman for sure could be a vengeful, horrible beast.

Aww, poor baby! I feel ya dude.

Utterly fascinating!

They’re calling it Archive Corps. One of the volunteers registered the domain for Scott, and the idea is that if something needs saving, dedicated Archive Corps volunteers could mobilize to do so—whether it’s a manual store in Maryland, a warehouse in Nevada, or a library in Canada.

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