Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday Snippets: Cleaning

Three times a year, I deep clean the house; flip the mattress, scrub behind the toilet, etc. Only this time, I get to do it fighting a cold and Satan's waterfall. Thank god there's scotch in the house.


At the start of the encounter, a deputy says, “Natasha, we’re here to take you out,” and then McKenny utters her last words: “You promised me you wouldn’t kill me. I didn’t do anything,” McKenna says.

Fucking heartbreaking.

Oh, but we live in a post-racial world! Fuck these assholes.

The passive language used in reporting to disguise domestic violence

Your pain is unexceptional and does not matter until a white man feels it too.


Well, now I'm wondering


This moron

But that won’t do either, apparently. Her lawyers’ petition, which you can readhere, claims that Bunning’s expanding the injunction was inappropriate, and that he’s shown “extraordinary doggedness” in letting legally eligible people get married willy-nilly, without offering Davis “jurisdiction or fair notice and opportunity to be heard.” It also claims that her clerks were “coerced by the threat of contempt sanctions” into granting marriage licenses.

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