Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday Snippets: Baltimore

In solidarity. 

Goddamn white people

Fuck you Nestle

Nestlé is the #1 bottle water producer in the country and own the brands Arrowhead and Pure Life. The company's response? Don't worry, folks. Nestlé "monitors its water use and the environment around the springs where water is drawn." The California drought has gotten so bad we've been warned there is only a one-year supply left in the reservoirs. In Sacramento, Nestlé has recently been under fire from environmental activists, calling the company's unregulated tapping of California aquifers a "corporate giveaway":

Fuck yes Jesse Williams


Brb, vomiting everything I've ever eaten

they would steal the babies during the course of the day, some would be infants, some would be a yr old, some would be toddlers they would grab these children, take them down to the swamp & leave them in pens like little chicken coops.

I think I've drunk all of those wines at one point or another

#YesAllWomen Posters

I'm not crying, it's raining on my face

Not all cats are jerks


God forbid we pay attention to the real problem


On November 26, 2013, 38 year old Ervin Edwards, partially deaf and mentally ill, was arrested by police for sagging his pants and taken to the West Baton Rouge Parish jail in Louisiana. He only lived for a few more minutes inside of the cell.

For 18 months, police have lied over and over again about what happened the night Ervin Edwards died in their custody. Now that a video of their despicable actions has been released, ( Warning very tough to watch ) it’s clear they murdered this man and left him to die all alone in his jail cell. 

And there it is & times two

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