Friday, May 1, 2015

"Choose what to keep, not what to get rid of"

I chose quality as my 2015 word. Part of doing so was to hone my focus on my "favorites" this year. And a hefty chunk was of that was decluttering. I'm like the best flow chart ever.

Clothing wise, I've been paring down for well over a year now. Now that I've gotten most of the extraneous out, I'm making sure to keep my closet small; for example, I only own three pairs of jeans. I won't shop for another pair until one of those pairs wears out and is unusable.

Another aspect of quality is experiences; making time for friends instead of bingeing on Netflix or sitting down with a book instead of web surfing. I always feel better by the end of the day, if I checked at least one thing off my to-do list that actually needed to get done.

But what has ended up being the hardest is online clutter. Pamela Druckerman says,
           "But the more stuff I shed, the more I realize that we de-clutterers feel besieged by more than just our possessions. We’re also overwhelmed by the intangible detritus of 21st-century life: unreturned emails; unprinted family photos; the ceaseless ticker of other people’s lives on Facebook; the heightened demands of parenting; and the suspicion that we’ll be checking our phones every 15 minutes, forever. I can sit in an empty room, and still get nothing done."

I am aiming for a complete purge of my online accounts this summer. I already use UnRollMe (great service btw) but I want to get rid of more. Courtney Carver has some great tips here. I recently discovered this blog and really loved what she had to say about possessions (but I suppose it could apply to online items):

          "But, if we are being honest … if you need to figure out how to fit everything you own into your living space, your storage method isn’t the problem, neither is the size of your house (in most cases at least) … it’s the amount of stuff you own....By putting the focus on what things you want to keep instead of throw away, you are diverting your attention to the positive aspect of decluttering, which makes the whole thing a lot easier and more effective."


Choose what to keep, not what to get rid of

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