Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sunday Snippets: Extra Hour of Sleep Edition

I still think the whole fall back/spring forward is a goofy idea, but I'll take that extra hour this weekend.

How cute is this tiny house? I love the idea of using less resources and still getting something stinking cute like that house. Our house is just under 1500 sq feet and I feel like we could go even smaller in our next house.

*dying of laughter* So much truth.

file under things I need

Holy crap, these photos

Sometimes the internet does blow my mind in a good way But it's still a shitty thing to realize

More truth from Lindy West Can also file under Duh, no shit and Of-fucking-course women work, you ass goblins.

Because cats Who doesn't love gifs of cats?

Disgustingly sad that we even *need* this graph.... (slight TW)

YES and more yes See also God bless George Carlin

LOL So true. I love the campyness that is Sleepy Hollow.

MORE YES Instead of this bullshit about buck up, you don't look sick, what do you mean you have anxiety, depression, bipolar, etc? See also, Anxiety

Beautiful essay

All these years later, and he still thinks I can do just about anything. He’s proud of me – he has a queer feminist activist for a daughter, and he’ll talk about it to anyone who will listen. Twenty-one years, my coming out to him as a lesbian, my outspoken activism, my writing and my protesting, and I am still his sweet baby girl. He reminds me often how much he looks forward to walking me down the aisle at my wedding, whenever that will be.

Stand Your Ground MY ASS She was fighting for her life against an abusive partner and how she has been treated is deplorable.

*rolls eyes* Where is my vial of man tears?

These are all deliberate acts with predictable consequences. There is nothing “random” about how we have armed ourselves, and there is nothing “random” about the filigree of high-flown rhetoric with which we justify arming ourselves, and there is nothing “random” about how we learn nothing every time someone who could be anyone decides to exercise his Second Amendment rights by opening fire.


  1. "Walmart for the middle class." SO TRUE.

    Ugh. And the rape graph. So true.

    And the kissing in the airport- also true. :)

    I couldn't look at all of them, but I'm impressed at your mighty collection!

    (and that home is SO tiny.. I couldn't do it. I don't need massive, but I would go nutso. More power to those who can! Ours is 1880 and it's good space, especially with two kids. I definitely don't want to be a 3000 sq. footer. We have some friends who said they needed that, but they literally just have all this SPACE. I mean, maybe cut down on toys instead of getting an entire room for them. Ok. I'll stop judging now. ;))

  2. Aww, thanks! I come across so many different things and want to share with all. :)

    LOL! I have friends who are like that and I just can't fathom. We never had a ton of toys growing up and the things we loved the most were cardboard boxes and our imaginations. I dread the day that we announce a baby in part because I know we'll be inundated with ALL the PLASTIC. Gah!