Wednesday, May 8, 2013

With little regard

I first heard Amanda Berry's 911 call on the radio and my blood ran cold. And reading more and more of it, this horrific story, my heart goes out to those three women, the small child found and all of the women and children who have endured.

From Alternet (TW)

The horrifying case has shocked Americans and set off a frenzied search for answers and information. Now, the gruesome details their captivity-- as well as failed opportunities to rescue them sooner -- are now becoming apparent. Here are five stunning things we know about the case so far:

It's frenzied because it's public. Yes, the details are gruesome and every day reality for many people.

From Jezebel (TW)

Both conclusions show that we're not adequately enraged by domestic violence unless it seems ripped from the headlines of Law & Order: SVU.

The awful sad truth.

I remember my dress code in high school. Skirts had to reach fingertip level and no leggings lest our asses clothed in fabric be too much for high school boys. Totally our job to police them!

And then there's bullshit like this.

Love this article.

Time and time again. And again. Women are objects to be used and discarded as other people please. Rape culture doesn't exist?

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