Sunday, August 19, 2012

I don't even...what the fuck?

(Trigger warning for rape)

*jaw in permanently dropped position*

Also, if you have a problem with cursing, now is your cue to bow out.

First off, I'mma need the gentleman from Missouri to go sit in the corner and have a nice cold glass of shut the fuck up.

How fucking dare he?! Legitimate rape? Because there is going to be a person with a clipboard nearby checking off the bullet points to rest assured it's a legitimate rape?

And second, the female body shuts that down? Um, where did you learn science? That's really, really not how that works.

My heart and soul ache for all of the stupid, dangerous, and sexist vitriol that has come spilling out of the mouths of politicians (not just Republicans, because we can thank Joe Biden for being a racist dumbass) in this election. I don't understand how some people sleep at night.

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