Friday, March 11, 2011

Articles Round-Up-Good Thoughts for Japan Edition

I awoke to see the news about Japan. My heart breaks seeing the pictures, seeing thousands and thousands of lives destroyed. Please give help if you can afford it.

Shakesville, with links to Japan

In other news...

WTF? Why is it wrong to call people racist/sexist/terrible human beings, when in fact, they are!?

Death Penalty & Organ Donation

Have to give a shoutout to Allison! She's been published with Ms. Magazine!

In Douche News...from Renee If Donald Trump were any more privileged, I think he'd explode.

Vomit worthy indeed (TW for rape, sexual assault) Absolutely disgusting

Isn't there a corner Chris Brown could just sink into?

Horrifying What teacher would this was okay to do? Disgustingly racist.

Why we still need abortion (TW) My heart breaks for this family.

Another set of Helpful Hints from Shakesville I really enjoy these posts.

Trigger warnings all over for this one

Brilliant post from Latoya at Racialicious I always look forward to her posts.

Video for Planned Parenthood

Renee and Pro-Mothering Views

Yesterday was National Abortion Provider Day

From the Guardian-Marriage and How Jill from Feministe is celebrating

From TransGriot on the Maryland Bill

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