Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Book Review: Haiti Noir

Haiti Noir, edited by Edwidge Danticat, is the latest from Akashic Books. In the style of some of the other titles in the series, Brooklyn Noir, Miami Noir and Baltimore Noir, Haiti Noir describes the the country from current residents, people who live in the tenth department and visitors, including the award winning Madison Smart Bell. The stories are chilling, with endings that leave the reader looking over their shoulder. Some of the very creepy ones include Gary Victor's The Finger, Kettly Mars's Paradise Inn and Louis-Phillippe Dalembert's Dangerous Crossroads.

Some of the stories require a trigger warning, Rosanna by Josaphat-Robert Large and Maloulou by Marie Lily Cerat for rape and sexaul assault. Very well written stories but there are some who would not enjoy them.

The earthquake also makes an apperance in several stories, from several different perspectives. There are a few duds, but very few. I think there were only two stories I didn't enjoy. Very highly recommended for curling up with a very strong lamp, if you are reading in the dark.


  1. Holy crap, Jillian! This review was fabulous, but I think my favorite part was the "part of a series" add in! How did I not know about this series? Thank you, I have a significantly longer book list now! :)

    BTW, it seems they have a Havana Noir featuring the fabulous Achy Obejas. I must read it!