Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Articles Round-Up

From the always amazing Melissa McEwan (trigger warning for fat hatred)

I never had close to the wretched experience that she did, but my father loved to talk about how fat I was, how I need to work on losing my gut (this he tells me after I just found out I was accepted to my dream college), how if I walk in the cold, I'll lose more calories, etc, etc. Course now my FIL has jumped on the bandwagon, which is just peachy. We are all human beings, regardless of what's between our legs, whether we need mobility assistance or whether or not we're a size six.

And on the heels of that...

I had started following this blog as my guilty shameful pleasure but am now rethinking that decision. First off, based on the picture accompaning the post, we all know which gender they are referencing. Enjoy your new status as a wife, but don't enjoy it too much!

Absolutely horrible

Again, people feel the need to police other people and their lives, which are none of their fucking business.

Dr. Tiller

I have yet to watch the Rachel Maddow documentary, but plan to. Thoughts if you have seen it?


Renee hits spot on, as usual. I usually get into arguments with people who complain about all the handicapped spaces, which means they have to park further away. Or if they see someone who they think is able bodied get out of the car, they start up about they can't possibly be disabled, look, they can walk!


There are really no words.

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