Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ways to help/fight/not sob in the corner

I found some ways that one can help in these dumpster fire days. While marching is fucking rad and I plan to do more of it, I know I can't attend them all (work/anxiety) but I still want to make my voice heard.

Look for like minded groups in your area This is awesome. You can set search filters and find groups to work with. I already put a request in to a groups FB profile.

A Nervous Wreck’s Disabled Guide to Stepping Up WONDERFUL. As someone who realized that a) she can't stand for long periods either and b) she actually has mild claustrophobia in massive crowds, this list is a god send.

26 Ways to Be in the Struggle Beyond the Streets Another great list to help those marching.

5 Calls I get it, it's terrifying to call your reps. I hate being on the phone when I don't really know the person well. But through nervous farts, you can do this. Scripts are provided, along with your reps numbers.

Shy Person’s Guide to Calling Representatives

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