Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sunday Snippets: New Camera!

My mom and I went to Old Bowie for an antique fair a few weeks ago and ended up stumbling upon this great husband and wife dealer and he had a ton of old cameras and kept quizzing us on old items. It made me miss my haunts in my college darkroom.

This shit biscuit I love how she shut him down.

Very cool!

Fucking hell  and some more fucking hell


Museum Finds Piece Of WWII History For Sale On EBay

Love her There is a reason Michonne is one of my fav characters on #TWD.

Puppy playing with kittens

They really wanted women seen, not heard and locked in a closet somewhere.

What a damn shame

A man, high on drugs and having just killed two people, was still not shot by police.

I raged through much of this article

Fuck last week

Gut punchingly awful I want to hug this woman forever.

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