Monday, April 4, 2016

Fast Fashion

(From Erin Boyle's Awwwesome book; hint my review of it is here.)

I've been shopping in thrift stores since I was a teenager but sadly got away from it in college and immediately thereafter. I happened to have a therapy appointment in the same shopping center as an Old Navy so I wandered in while killing time for my bus. And walked out with their credit card. To be fair, I did find some good items there; dress pants that served me well for four years, comfy sweaters, etc. But lately, I've been tired of it. I've wanted to cut my wardrobe down further and clean up the cards in my wallet.

A coworker had recommended ThredUp about a day before Erin Boyle of Reading My Tea Leaves did. I tried it out and while it did take me four tries to find a pair of jeans that fit (PEOPLE. WOMEN COME IN A VARIETY OF SIZES. NEWS AT ELEVEN), OMG, why haven't I used this before? Prices are astonishingly reasonable, you can get two day shipping and the variety is great. I have four packages still coming as of this writing; two dresses, a pair of shoes and a pair of jeans.

They also have a service where they ship you a prepaid bag, you clean out your closet and boom, money and a cleaner closet.

(Filled. This. Thing. Up!)

And so once I make the final payment on my Old Navy card this month, I'm calling to cancel it. And I can't wait.

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