Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday Snippets: Yay Halloween!

The hubs and I went as mechanics. We also dressed up our fuzzy children. They were not as happy as I was.

Yup, there it is

6,000 aboriginal children died in residential school system, report finds


Happenings in Canada


The Illusion of Simplicity

Just hope the organization store doesn’t decide to redesign their containers — you’ll have to start all over again with new ones if you want everything to match.

This isn’t the kind of possibility I was hoping for.

This isn’t freedom from stuff, this is hoarding disguised as simplicity.

3 Ways to Say Goodbye to Busyness

5 Black Churches in the Ferguson Area Have Burned Since Last Week, Media Shrugs


Aww, poor guy!

The Syrian Refugee Struggle No One’s Talking About

Might need to sit down and watch The Knick now Also Clive Owen is forever on my list.

Facts that I didn't know

Such a classic

This actually does make a lot of sense

Let’s be honest. What he really wanted to say was “She was asking for it”.

An off-duty cop shot my brother inside a hospital. I want to know why.

Not Okay

Women can’t have it all – because the game is rigged

When commentators speak of women's 'work-life balance', they're not talking about how much time a woman will have, at the end of the day, to work on her memoirs, or travel the world. ‘Life', for women, is simply another word for work, a route-march through child-rearing and domestic labour which is assumed to be the ultimate destination of every woman’s passions. 'Life', for men, is meant to be bigger than that.
Disgusted, but not surprised

How to be a good ally


Canada, looking good

This is horrifying

You will be surprised to learn that our friend Larry has also argued that “Biblically speaking, there is no such thing as ‘marital rape.’” In a post titled “Christian Husbands — You don’t pay for the milk when you own the cow!” Solomon insists a wife’s “body does belong to her husband,” and that any requests for sex deferral should be made “humbly and gently.” After all, “sex is not about being in the mood, and it is not about feelings, it is about doing what is right.”

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