Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Snippets: The Year of all of the Things

I have two first birthday parties, a bridal shower, a wedding, our vow renewal, and a huge work conference in the next two months. I miss sleep.

Belgium is abolishing all prison sentences under one year

“A short prison sentence, a try-out in jail, rarely leads to good results. It does not contribute to re-integration, but helps inmates to learn bad habits,” Mr Geens told MPs on the announcement of the measures.

Cats in a nutshell

I love dogs When I lived with friends during college breaks, they had the most hyper dog ever. She was a sweetie but a nut. Whenever I had bad endo pains flare, she knew immediately and would come and lay her head on my lap until I felt better.

My jaw hit the floor  In what universe is this ok?

Very cool! And not just because I'm married to a mechanic.

Important PSA

Yeah, fuck Indiana

Stuff it: Millennials nix their parents’ treasures

Because this makes sense

Color me surprised that this was a response


22-year-old Ramsey Orta, the young man who filmed the NYPD killing Eric Garner, was arrested shortly after on trumped up charges. He has since been locked up at the notorious Rikers prison in New York.

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