Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Snippets: I'm waving the official white flag edition

So very very tired of snow. Yes, it's pretty. But this winter jacked up my heating bill and I'm very tired of being cold, stepping in mucky puddles of melted snow and wearing seventeen different layers of clothing to stay even remotely warm.

Shit I definitely didn't learn in college Really wish I had learned more than just the surface in my women studies classes.

Lol Really and truly have no problem if you choose to practice any religion, be it Christianity or Islam or Wiccan, etc. But be truthful and honest.

OMG PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I had a bigger house, I'd have a Saint Bernard. I have always loved them, the adorable big giant slobber monsters.

Monkey's face is priceless

Recess = classic kid's show

I'm such a sap for small fuzzy critters Especially ones that make cute noises like this. And these kitties.

Really interesting way of looking at purchases I could not imagine having to catalog every purchase I made and I think that would be a good way of cutting down on misc spending.

AAAAAAAAnd new favorite person Preach Jesse Williams.

Exactly! I love my job to pieces but we don't have paid family leave. We get FMLA, which is something, but dammit, if we got paid leave, I could probably be that much closer to tiny overlords. Three months of leave is nice, but my bills still need to paid during those three months.


  1. Those Tibetan Mastiffs are UNREAL. And go with the St. Bernard! The only thing you'll regret is all that hair, unless you are super crafty and do something with it. That right there is the solution to your cold, snowy weather blues! ;)

    And that project on the drawings of purchases?! What a great idea! Not that I would stick with it, but you know, it's nice to see someone else's.

  2. I once saw a picture of a Tibetan Mastiff snarling. Dear god, it was the work of Satan himself. It was absolutely terrifying.