Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Special Edition Snippets: What the hell day is it?

My day job follows federal holidays so I was off Monday. And then holy snow, Batman on Tuesday. (We got around 5 inches...that I was determined to measure in my pj pants last night.) And now working from home because the roads are still a mess.

A bright spot from Virginia

And as McAuliffe promised during his campaign, one of his first acts as the 72nd governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia was signing an executive order banning discrimination against state employees based on sexual orientation and for the first time ever, gender identity.

I need this to be a thing. Hell, I'll sit and eat whatever the hell I want anywhere.

Take all of my money Can we make this with kitties, hamsters, etc as well?

Argh, yes! This drives me batty.

Surya Bonaly was openly contemptuous of the figure skating judges, because they were a bunch of openly racist white men who always screwed her over by giving her lower scores than she deserved. That one-blade backflip was her ultimate FUCK YOU! to the Olympics judges, because she took an “illegal” backflip and made it legal by landing it on one blade. Pretty much DARING them to mark her down for being epic awesome and pulling a move that their precious coddled white girls didn’t have the guts to even think about.

More about tiny house/apt living from A Cup of Jo. And you can read more about Erin Boyle and her family's tiny living adventures here.

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