Friday, December 14, 2012

Purposeful Money

We have sent out mostly holiday cards this year, with a fun family picture inside, but for the gifts we did buy? My mom's is from a great company that I've used before, one friend received an etsy gift and two thrift store finds, one friend is receiving a gift card to a local place around here, two more-used books. And for the hubs, I used a local vendor I found at the Maryland Ren Fest. I think I used Amazon for three, but they are all used.

This post got me thinking. I already try to shop local in my every day life (local organic market that isn't packed to the brim with ALL the things- side tangent, I hate walking into most grocery stores because do I really need to pick from twenty five loaves of bread?-we get all of our soap from a former co-worker who makes it five miles from our house, I use the library, get most of my clothes from the thrift store, etc) but I think this is a good idea to implement for next year, gift wise.

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