Friday, December 7, 2012

Guest Post!

I found out about The Last Name Project from one of my favorite blogs, A Cup of Jo and I submitted my piece in November.

And it debuted this week!

An excerpt:

I had a lot of reasons not to change my name. I know the mountain of paperwork that it would entail and I’m impatient. I have my freelance business established with my name and to start over would be a big hassle. I also take issue with the fact that women are assumed to follow this old and sexist tradition. It has been frustrating. Even though I’ve asked them not to, my in-laws still address me as Mrs. HisLastName. One of the big sticking points people, both strangers and family alike, seem to fixate on is our future children.

Please go read the rest: The Last Name Project


  1. Just read it and that's great!! It's funny that you post this now because we are still in name negotiations for Declan. We went with Peyton's last name and mine as a second middle because we couldn't agree on anything else, but I'm still totally unsatisfied with this and hate hyphenating. We're at a standstill. That's the main reason why I changed my last name but still may go back to it.

  2. It can be such a frustrating scenario, trying to negotiate the best option for the kidlets. You want to represent both families, but not give them a mouthful.