Monday, July 2, 2012

Book Review: Curvy Girls

Curvy Girls: Erotica for Women is one of the latest from Seal Press and edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel.This collection is one of those times where the reader should judge a book by its cover.  The woman on the cover draws you into an anthology of delicious reads, which can be one handed or not.

It was refreshing to read an erotica anthology that actually had meat on its bones (pun intended) in several different ways: the stories were incredibly well developed and far ranging from a bakery contract being negotiated, a photo shoot and then a sensual rendezvous in a closed off museum. And the main characters were curvy, obviously, but all of the women had different comfort levels with their bodies and it was shown in the stories. Some women were completely at ease with their pant size while others still struggled and some even found acceptance through the climax of the story, either through the act itself or the way their partners treated them.

Sex positivity has been a long and hard fought battle in American society and this anthology goes a long way to bring awareness to not only zaftig women and their lives, but to a healthy view of sexual activities for women and men. A highly recommended collection!

(Photo credit: Seal Press/I received a review copy of this book, but all opinions are my own.)

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