Monday, April 18, 2011

A (short) rant on property

Normally, I love me some lingerie shopping. Victoria Secret's usually has what I'm looking for in my size (38DD no less) and they have excellent phone customer service.

Which leads me to yesterday. I was in Georgetown, shopping with a good friend of mine. The Georgetown store was one of the closest to her apartment, I normally shop at the store in Columbia, Maryland. The store barely had any body in it and their selection was incredibly lacking. I found something I loved, only to be told that the largest size it came in was a 36C.

And then I saw the panties featured above. It was in the bridal section, with lots of long white flowy items. I was disgusted. We like to believe we live in a post-racial/sexist world, but clearly that is not the case. Why the fuck is shit like this still being made? Property of the Groom? And no, I don't want to see boxers/briefs with the label Property of the Bride. Whipped husband jokes aside, that's not the point. Humans belonging to other humans is wrong, for whatever reason it's done. Women are encouraged to take their husband's name when they marry, I guess this is just an extension of that belief.

I also sent their customer service an email and will definitely be rethinking shopping there. Does anyone have any good lingere shops that they enjoy and possibly cater to the larger women?

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